Petition From Small-Business Owners to Honor the Lease Agreement Contract Between the Government and Sunvar


We, the undersigned, represent small businesses that bought the leasehold rights to use the units from Sunvar Realty Development Corporation.

Our leasehold rights are the same rights that Sunvar sub-leased from the Technology Resource Center Foundation, Inc., with functions since assumed by the Philippine Development Alternatives Foundation.

Having entered into the agreement with due diligence, we believe that Sunvar paid the full advance of 16.8 million for its entire 50-year lease period. The initial period of nearly 25 years, renewable for another 25 years at Sunvar’s exclusive option, is covered under a contract until December 2027.

We understand that this was a fair rental price for the 22,924 sq. m. property, located between De La Rosa and Arnaiz streets; equivalent to P733 pesos per square meter for a strip which at that time had no road, clean water, drainage, electricity or communication. This is in fact nearly equal to purchasing, not just leasing, land with improvements at the time. We are also aware that Sunvar paid rent for the entire period.

Our units—from where we run our businesses and which we have the same legal rights to until 2027—are part of the same property now being disputed in court between Sunvar and the Government. The claims of illegal occupancy, and the government’s bid to nullify the contract, have greatly affected not just our small businesses but also our lives and communities.

We are buyers in good faith. Our businesses on the property have generated revenues for both the local and national government over the years. We plead that the Government reconsider its promise to respect the sanctity of public-private contracts, support small local enterprises, and uphold our rights. Honoring its lease agreement contract with Sunvar is honoring its lease agreement contract with us, small-business owners.


Association of Owners/Buyer-Assignees/Representatives

From the Makati Creekside Building
Dr. Arlene Masangkay, Leasing, Unit RD-03
Jolly Ting, Leasing, Units RD 16A and 17A
Jorge A. Garcia, Yoshida Ramen, Unit RD-14
Robert Palomo, Leasing, Unit RD-11
Cresenciano Silvano, Jr., SRYS Properties, Units RD 04 and 05
Heide Rodriguez, Premium Staffers, Unit RD-10
Lydia Ang, Leasing, Unit RD-08
Leticia Bajar, First Property Ventures, Inc., Penthouse

From the Mile Long Association, Inc.
Leandro R. Poco, L.A. Poco Architects, Unit 335
Vinzon Yap, Awardworks, Inc., Unit 336
Tess Yero, G.N. Solutions, Inc. and Gateway Network Solutions, Units 363 and 359
Beth Zamora, Bezam Marketing Consultancy, Unit 339
Florina Tobias, General Buyers International, Inc., Unit 355
Dr. Rosanna Ramos Uy, Dental Clinic, Unit 333
Lalaine Bernardo, Clearing Officers Club, Inc., Unit 331
Evelyn San Buenaventura, San Buenaventura & Co., CPAs, Unit 332
Lourdes Sotto, Sound Design, Inc., Unit 127

The Gallery Association, Inc.
Antonio Ortiga, La Estrella Del Norte, Inc., Unit S-1A and B
Joana Moritaka, Kasimoto, Unit S-VII
Lydia S. Reyes, Inter-Asia Services Corp., Unit S-6A
Wennie Rapadas, Hit Productions, Inc., Unit S-IV
Cresenciano Silvano, Jr. SRYS Properties/Hit Productions Inc., Unit S-2A
William B. Go, Serico Inc/Loudbox Studio Inc, Unit M-VIA and B
Roland Allan N. Pablo,Tuscan Realty/Loudbox Studios Inc., Unit S-XA
Flora Ferreras, Nakada Beauty Salon, Unit M-VII
Nina C. Jose, Tri-Union Machineries/Loudbox Studios Inc., Unit M-II

Sunvar Plaza Association, Inc.
Elvira Adriano, Skymaster Holdings, Inc., Unit G-1
Regina Bautista, Shinju No Mori, Inc., Unit G-4
Adela Sy, Syrex Philippines Corp., Unit G-8
Eva N. Sharma, Friendship Convenient Store, Unit G-14
Oliver C. Cervantes, Thallo Beauty Care Specialist, Units G-3 and G-15
Herbert T. So, Traders Industrial Company, Inc., Unit G-18
Felipe Y. Bordey, Gallery Frames, Unit G-19
Maria Rosario Alviar, Alviar Medical Laboratories, Inc., Unit S-5
Bong Torres, Trading Company, Unit S-7
Cresenciano Silvano Jr., SRYS Properties, Unit S-24
Emelie Eguia, Vasquez Dental Clinic, Unit T-4
Josephine Gonzalez, Manila’s Best Coffee Shop, Unit T-15